Aliens: I Want To Believe

But, several systems have reached a level or aren’t raising very rapidly any more, actually when they after did. Transport systems have leveled off – the automobile of today is small different in theory compared to Model-T. Plane aircraft don’t enable you to get across the lake any faster today than they did 30 decades ago. There’s small different in theory between the Saturn V and the Place Shuttle. Pretty much the same pertains to bicycles, ships, and trains alien labs disposable.

There’s a continuing PBS TV line (also a few books and also a website) named “Sooner To Truth” ;.It is managed by neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn. He’s highlighted in one-on-one interviews and screen discussions with the treatment of the treatment of today’s cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, etc. on every one of the Big Questions surrounding a trilogy of vast topics – Cosmos; Mind; God.

It’s nothing related to whether God actually exists (He doesn’t IMHO), but rather the result that the finding of ET and particularly ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) would have on the True Believers in a supernatural deity – and for benefit of brevity, let’s restrict God here to the God of the Old and the New Testaments.

Some True Believers might disagree that God may do whatever God goddamn well wants to accomplish, and because God is such an egotistical lunatic (Thou shall have no different gods before me) that He probably produced umpteen zillions of inhabited worlds in order to have a googolplex of entities bowing and scraping to Him. If J.C. has to get rid of up plainly planning and visiting all of these worlds in turn is neither here or there.

On another give some True Believers (the more fundamentalist rightwing extremist types) might Bible-thump their tables and persist that the Bible describes no extraterrestrials or the plurality of worlds and hence those who disagree the existence of ET and for different inhabited worlds must probably be burned at the stake (which has actually happened).

These True Believers observe that according to the Bible humans are the apex of all of God’s designs, the master of the life span, world and everything hill. Therefore nothing otherwise can exist that could actually remotely problem that apex (and are they set for a nasty surprise when artificial intelligence ultimately puts human intelligence in it’s appropriate [second] place).

Anyway, if you should be in the former camp, your opinion is reinforced; if in the latter camp you’ll probably just persist it’s all a government influenced, Obama-led leftwing generous conspiracy, and just conceal your face in the sands and continue with your Bible-thumping normalcy. The religious fundamentalists are generally those with the ‘my brain consists; don’t confuse the problem with facts’ make of personal philosophy.

Why try to find the Higgs Boson? Why try to find the Northwest Passing? Why rise Mount Everest? Why try to look for out such a thing about living, the World and everything? I believe it all boils down to that hardwiring in and of our neurons in our brain thingy that needs to learn what’s on the hill and beyond the orange horizon.

We’re interested, like cats, and most of us plainly get into the fantastic unknown. But it’s not awareness simply for the benefit of curiosity. What’s on the hill could be excellent, like home to a fresh food present (like lots of mice); a fresh watering gap; greater shelter or possible mates.

Or, what’s beyond the orange skyline could be poor and unpleasant just like a warring group or perhaps a competitor cat. When emergency is really a stake you need to find out all you are able to to be prepared. Ditto SETI – the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence. There’s awareness of course. Understanding of whether ET exists helps people to concrete our invest the more cosmic scheme of things, but it still boils right down to emergency (even if unacknowledged).

ET might turn out to become a friend, a trading spouse and a source of cosmic understanding and wisdom. ET might turn out to become a possible threat, and not of prerequisite just a bodily one. They could have a philosophy or worldview that would trigger unknown instability to the terrestrial way or living – our cultures, etc. We need to know and hence anticipate to all possible scenarios. We don’t want to blindly hide our heads in the sand and hope extraterrestrial missionaries don’t arrive door-knocking Planet World unannounced.

It’s been recommended that because improvements in engineering occur at an exponential charge rather than at a linear charge, an advanced (i.e. – technological) extraterrestrial tradition that was actually a few hundred to one thousand decades before our personal might be noticeable just like a common tender flash in an otherwise schedule and humdrum cosmos.

Sort of like this remote lighthouse glowing just like a beacon in the darkness. If, as SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) practitioners believe, there has to be several tens and thousands of highly advanced extraterrestrial civilizations or societies, not only hundreds or hundreds but countless decades senior to people in scientific advancement, well, considering that scientific development is exponential, the existence of ET should really be clear to all or any but Blind Freddy.

Yet most of the un-blind Freddies of the planet don’t see ET. The most obvious conclusion is that sometimes we’re the Common It in terms of a scientific civilization or at least major the pack. We’re more highly advanced than any strange civilization. I have trouble with that scenario.

There are plenty of samples of exponential development here on Earth. Biology is one example. Life types greatly reproduce to meet the accessible methods necessary to sustain that living type, but when the gobblers exhaust the methods, the gobblers drop or at least level off if the methods are renewable. An example of such a living type may be the human species.

Some forms of human engineering are currently ‘enjoying’ exponential growth. Medical engineering for one; nanotechnologies are still another; and the who related areas of artificial intelligence, processing crunch energy, robotics, the rise and rise of the Web, etc.

Relatively related is systems main to human-machine interfacing. Security systems are rising by leaps and bounds. Harmful firepower still raises at a quick charge of knots. But not totally all forms of understanding or forms of engineering are equivalent in growth.

Aliens: I Want To Believe

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