Exposed: Moving Services Scams and how they are played;

The Games Some Moving Services Play

Con artists have proliferated on the internet through the years,Guest Posting no thanks to the easy access, which this virtual phenomenon provides to victims and scammers alike.  In a world of unabridged freedom to post anything online, scammers have plied their trade with almost perfect precision of a winner, in fact, winning has never been easier long distance moving company.

Where anyone can create several identities at one time, enlist phony personal and professional details, address and contact nos., the internet is indeed a fast lane where the ignorant often ends up with the shorter stick. They have in their roster, a growing list of complaints arising from the simplest con act perpetrated online to the most outrageous scam started online and perfected in real time.

Here are 3 profiles of a scam perpetrated by some moving companies.  You can protect yourself by making sure you deal only with the most credible moving company; when in Florida, you may check on a list of  Florida Residential Moving Companies -only moving services with proven track record get listed.

Seeing Double.   To avoid this scam, make sure that you have prior notice when the”>moving company delivers your belongings to the new address and arrange for someone, in case you are not available, to receive them.  You should also request an explanation on the word “undeliverable”.

Confusion springs from the use of this word, and oftentimes, this serves as the launching pad of a scam.  When items are considered “undeliverable”, a moving services company can put these up for storage; you can only claim your items back upon payment of storage fees, fines or service charges.

But where’s the scam? Some of these moving companies set up storage facilities, too, thus when your belongings are classified as “undeliverable”, these go straight to the storage facility, likewise owned by the moving company.  This robs you of choice and perpetuates a scam on unwitting victims, like yourself.

The Mistaken Identity.  It can start with an innocent-looking moving company website:  professionally-laid out designs, interesting content and links – everything, but the truth.  You could be dealing with a broker, not the owner of the moving company.  Watch your step!

This is one of the risks you take when dealing with a”> moving storage company online – you’ll never get the clue who you are talking to.  That is why, it is often advisable to follow it up in real time, by calling their office telephone nos.

Or pay them a personal visit.  Online transactions are advisable with more established companies that have proven track record, those which have gathered “moss” so to speak.  For neophyte companies, it is always advisable to seek referrals first.

Scam enters the frame when a moving broker purports to be the owner of the moving company, oftentimes with the aid of a well-thought of website for the purpose.  He charges more, as he is actually operates as a middleman.  Worse, he oftentimes collects money in advance from his unsuspecting client, refers him to an affiliate at reduced rates while he keeps the bigger percentage to himself.

Exposed: Moving Services Scams and how they are played;

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