Flying To or From Gatwick Airport

As London is the central location for Europe and West Continent, it makes it a tourist hotspot and a fantastic meeting point for world travellers. London Airports offer travellers a high degree of comfort and flexibility with excellent amenities all the way from the airport to any destination in London. For any point to point flight in Europe, step to Gatwick taxi from gatwick to heathrow.

Although Gatwick Airport is about 28 miles away from south of Central London it is still one of the UK’s busiest airports ranking second in London next to London Heathrow Airport. With two terminals: North and South and one runway, the airport serves as hub for a number of airlines and charter airlines. Being Europe’s leading airport for point to point flights and world’s busiest single use runway, the airport serves passenger traffic throughout the year.

Whether you start from or fly to Gatwick Airport, you are sure to have great time at the airport. Shopping options are plenty in the airport. Liquors, clothes, fragrances…the airport has some for everyone. Order for currency at the airport in advance and collect when you reach the airport.

Duty free shops are available for your assistance or unwind in the spacious and relaxing lounges; there are also facilities for Business travellers to host meetings and conferences. Prayer and counseling rooms are located throughout the airport and you can remain there in silence without any disturbance.

Virgin Atlantic leisure passengers can have access to Virgin Holidays’ V room. On-site and Off-site hotels ranging from Executive to Capsule hotels are located for passenger convenience. Pubs and bars are also available for passengers to relax or have that last drink with family or friends before setting off on your journey;

Most restaurants are family friendly. Snacks, drinks, meals and whatever you look for can be found here in a variety of options. The Gatwick Hilton, The Gatwick Sofitel and The Courtyard by Marriott are some of the top airport hotels where you can get all comforts.

Gatwick Airport is well connected to all destinations through buses, trains and any private or public transport vehicle. Private and public transportation options are plenty. For your comfort, you can travel in private taxis as they operate 24/7 to and from any destination in London. You can pre book taxis and have a safe and more comfortable travel.

Gatwick Airport is the second busiest airport in the UK. For this reason it is essential to plan and book your car parking arrangements before arriving at the airport. Not only will pre-booking your parking be a cost saver but it will also lend itself to combating the stress associated with finding parking and it will indicate the amount of time to allow yourself for bus transfers to the airport terminal.

Gatwick Airport offers on airport and off airport parking options serving both the North and South terminals. Both options are designed to offer the traveller the greatest amount of convenience for a stress-free journey. When deciding on a suitable form of parking it is important to consider factors such as budget, time constraints, amount of luggage and airport terminal.

Flying To or From Gatwick Airport

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