Pokemon Go: How to Defeat Leader Cliff

PvP and Raid battles are considered as regular battles in Pokemon Go,Guest Posting but the battle against Team Rocket leaders is the most challenging task for most of the players. There are three main leaders of the Team Rocket organization that are Leader Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff. Leader Cliff is an extremely challenging opponent blanton’s full set.

His Pokemon lineups to defeat the trainers are quite strong. You can easily guess how challenging he can be by looking at his Pokemon Lineup with Shadow form. Similar to the other leaders, Cliff also has three different lineups for the battle. If any trainer underestimates Cliff’s potential, they may face the consequences.

In his three lineups, he can choose eight different Pokemon. Before starting the battle against Cliff, it is necessary to be aware of his lineup. He has the potential to wipe out his opponent with a couple of moves. So here is the guide to counter every Pokemon of Cliff.

How to Counter and Defeat Leader Cliff

As mentioned above, Cliff has three lineups that include eight different Pokemon, and none of them are weaklings. For the first round, his Pokemon are either Grimmer or Pinsir. He can use Machamp, Electivire, or Omastar for the second round, and Tyranitar, Torterra, or Swampert for the third round.

All these Pokemon will be in Shadow form, so their damage potential will be higher than normal Pokemon. You have to use the right counter Pokemon to win the battle. So here the guide to winning the battle. If Cliff uses Machamp as his Second Pokemon, then you can try Psychic Pokemon.

Machamp is a Fighting-type that uses Steel and Fighting-type fast moves and Dynamic, Cross Chop, Rock Slide, Close Combat, or Heavy Slam as charge moves. Look out for his every charge move, because all these moves are powerful enough to give massive hits. You can use any Psychic move to defeat Machamp.

Omastar is a Water/Rock-type Pokemon that uses Water, Ground, and Rock-type fast moves. Its charge moves are Rock and Water-type. You can take advantage and defeat this dual-type Pokemon easily by using Grass-type Pokemon. Use Torterra, Venusaur, or any other powerful Grass-type Pokemon to win.

If Electivire appears, you should be aware of its Fighting-type fast moves with Electric and Ice-type charge moves. Electivire can’t damage the Ground-type Pokemon easily, so use Rhyperior or Garchomp to take Electivire down.

You might face Tyranitar that uses Dark and Steel-type fast moves and Dark, Rock, and Fire-type charge moves in the third round. Tyranitar is a Rock/Dark-type Pokemon, so your best option could be Heracross, Lucario, or Machamp.

Swampert could be your opponent in the battle. It’s a Water/Ground-type Pokemon that uses Water and Ground-type fast moves and Poison, Water, and Ground-type charge moves. Water/Ground-type Pokemon are resistant to several types of attacks, but you still can win if you use Grass-type Pokemon. Leafeon, Venusaur, or any other powerful Grass-type Pokemon will lead you to victory.

The last option left for Cliff is Torterra. It’s a Grass/Ground-type Pokemon with some strong moves. Torterra uses Grass and Dark-type fast moves with Grass, Ground, and Rock-type charge moves. It’s a dual-type Pokemon, so you can double damage it by using Ice-type moves. Try Ice-type Pokemon like Regice or Articuno to end the battle.

Pokemon Go: How to Defeat Leader Cliff

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